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Summer Conference 2

Sponsored by the Bible Fellowship Church

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Jul 16 2023 - Jul 21 2023 - Check-In @ 5:00-7:00 PM Sunday

Summer Conference 2

Come for an awesome family retreat at Pinebrook! This week offers biblical teaching, rich worship, energizing music and refreshing recreation – Summer Conference offers it all. Each day includes a morning session of worship and teaching, with sessions specifically for children and teens. Free time each afternoon offers multiple planned and spontaneous recreation options. Each evening, enjoy family games or other varied programs

Registration deadline 7 days prior to event



  • 5 nights/15 meals (Sun. 5 PM - Fri. Lunch)
  • $980/Family of 2
  • $1,270/Family of 4 (ages 6 & up)
  • $1,500/Family of 6 (ages 6 & up)
  • Call for additional pricing

Phil Morrison, Evening Speaker

Phil Morrison is serving Africa Inland Mission as Child Safety Assistant and before that, was their Theological Education Consultant. He is also a trainer for the Child Safety and Protection Network.

A move to Kenya in 1992 led Phil to rich years of service overseas. He served at Moffat College of Bible and Rift Valley Academy before founding the Multi-Church Pastor Institute and training pastors in Africa, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. He had been a pastor in the Bible Fellowship Church for 14 years prior to 1992.

Phil has written 10 books that focus mostly on church leadership, spiritual growth, and child safety issues.


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Summer Conference 2