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at Pinebrook

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Have an awesome summer serving others!

Each summer we look for individuals who want to make a positive change in the lives of people and spend lots of time outdoors. Join a team of summer ministry leaders who work together, creating an atmosphere of adventure, friendly security, and relationship-building that can last a lifetime!

Summer Staff Positions

Summers @ Pinebrook

We have a variety of summer positions available in areas such as Custodial, Food Service, Maintenance, Grounds Keeping, Pool Maintenance and Lifeguarding.

Summer Workers will experience

  • Opportunities to develop a more intimate relationship with God.
  • A variety of work experiences that include lifeguarding, serving delicious meals, maintenance and more!
  • Opportunity to be part of a positive team atmosphere.
  • Opportunities to build new friendships through social interaction with other members of the summer team.

Summer Ministry Leaders will be able to:

  • Discover themselves – their strengths, weaknesses, gifts, abilities and passions for ministry and life choices.
  • Learn to value all aspects of ministry, including those that tend not to receive recognition.
  • Learn the importance of rest and balance.
  • Participate in scheduled times of refreshment, relaxation and renewal.
  • Work hard and have fun.

How to Apply for Summer Positions

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

We look for volunteers every year to help support our guest needs. Serve in a variety of roles and invest your time in pointing people toward Christ.