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Have an awesome summer serving at Pinebrook!

Each summer we look for individuals who want to make a positive change in the lives of people and spend lots of time outdoors. Join a team of summer ministry leaders who work together, creating an atmosphere of adventure, friendly security, and relationship-building that can last a lifetime!

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    Summer Staff Positions

    Staff member on a golf cart.

    Summers @ Pinebrook

    A variety of summer positions are available as we serve families, guest groups and day campers through opportunities in Food Service, Day Camp, Maintenance, Housekeeping and Lifeguarding.

    Training in American Red Cross life-guarding is provided, if needed.  Top off an already rewarding experience with the skills and personal development that can boost your resume.


    • Be in the habit of nurturing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be in agreement with our statement of faith.
    • Be willing to commit the majority of your summer to training and service, from approximately June 1 through August 15.
    • Be qualified for the positions you are seeking.
    • Initiate the process by submitting references and an application in good time. Most of our summer hires occur between January and April.

    Be available for a personal interview and provide permission for us to do appropriate background checks.

    Summer staff will experience

    • Opportunities to develop a more intimate relationship with God.
    • A variety of work experiences as part of a positive team environment
    • The fun of discovering new friendships among members of the summer team.

    Summer Ministry Leaders will be able to:

    • Discover their strengths, weaknesses, gifts, abilities and passions for ministry and life choices.
    • Learn to value all aspects of ministry, including those that tend not to receive recognition.
    • Learn the importance of rest and balance.
    • Participate in scheduled times of refreshment, relaxation and renewal.
    • Work hard and have fun.
    Summer employees.
    Dining hall staff.

    How to Apply for Summer Positions

    Apply Online – the online system will automatically generate a Reference Form and direct it to each of your selected references.

    Apply Online Today


      Summer Volunteer Opportunities

      We look for volunteers every year to help support our guest needs. Serve in a variety of roles and invest your time in pointing people toward Christ! Call us at 570-424-1212 to talk about how we can match your interests with our needs.

      Summer employees.