Meeting Rooms

41.0324° N, 75.2113° W

Meeting Rooms at Pinebrook accommodate the needs of groups of from 10-440 people. These areas are for groups to use for gathering, lounging, and services. Meal plans are also available with buffet-style service in our Dining Hall. All amenities are within easy reach of all lodging facilities. There is also an outdoor Amphitheater and Campfire for groups to reserve. Relax…let the Spirit of God connect your hearts and minds to Him!

Our Guest Group Services team is ready to help you schedule your upcoming event.

To begin, call us at 570.424.1212 or “Make a Reservation” to inquire about availability.

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Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is our largest meeting space. It is a flexible-use facility, with the ability to serve either as a gym, or meeting & worship space for large groups of 180 or more people. The spacious venue provides a stage for performing, speaking or worship leading. Audio visual equipment and lighting is built into this space and available for each groups use. (Additional fees may apply)
Convenient restrooms are located in the guest foyer.

White Chapel

White Chapel is centrally located next to our Guest Services Building and across from our Dining Hall. It has been newly renovated with chairs, carpeting, lighting and fresh paint. It is a perfect space for groups of 100-180 people. It has built in audio visual equipment and lighting. It also offers a raised platform for worship or speaker.

Echobrook 1, 2 & 3

Echobrook is centrally located near the Guest Services Building and the dining Hall. It offers 3 meeting rooms that are conducive for breakouts, worship, seminars or fellowship. It has interior restrooms and offers audio visual equipment if needed. (Additional fees may apply)

  • Echobrook #1 – Capacity for 30 people
  • Echobrook #2 – Capacity up to 30 people
  • Echobrook 1 & 2 are adjoining and ideal for breakout sessions or a separate space for children.

  • Echobrook #3 – Capacity for up to 90 people


  • Lounge – This is a spacious lounge able to seat 24+ people that can be used for meetings or simply relaxing.
  • Meeting Room – located on the lower level of Meadowbrook. It offers capacity up to 30 people, has interior restrooms and audio visual equipment is available as needed.

Noel’s Nook Amphitheater

Noel’s Nook Amphitheater is a outdoor space with capacity for seating 200 people. This is a wonderful evening venue for campfires and worship. Noel’s Nook is located just past Viewbrook on the right of the pathway.

Overbrook Chapel

Overbrook Chapel is nestled in the center of Overbrook lodging. It offers capacity for 90 people and has a stone fireplace that adds to its charm. This room offers audio visual equipment if needed.

Stoneybrook 1 & 2

This two story building features two meeting rooms.

  • Stonybrook 1 is located on the lower level. It offers capacity up to 30 people, has interior restrooms and audio visual equipment is available as needed.
  • Stonybrook 2 is located on the upper level. It offers capacity up to 50 people and audio visual equipment is available as needed.
  • (Additional fees may apply)