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Sno Glo 1/25-27

Grades 6-12

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Jan 24 2020 - Jan 26 2020 - 7 pm Arrival

Sno Glo

An exciting, spiritually challenging, all-inclusive winter retreat for your youth group (grades 6-12). Held at Pinebrook in the Pocono Mountains, each weekend consists of solid biblical teaching, worship, and activities that encourage youth to grow in their walk with the Lord and connect with other youth across the Bible Fellowship denomination.  Throughout the weekend youth have the option to participate in a wide variety of events including sports tournaments, arts competitions, board games, snack shack, and more.
There are three weekends to choose from. All weekends will have the same speaker and theme, but worship leaders may change from week to week. A typical weekend consists of four teaching session and additional breakout sessions for youth groups to gather together for debriefing and prayer




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Hailing from Syracuse, New York and Oxford Pennsylvania, the Beautiful Mess team starts with the family members of Chris, Tim and Michael Ehrhart.  They began playing music and writing songs together in 2009 when they noticed the true power that music has people and in a larger way, culture.  After playing shows and seeing the inspiration and fulfillment from the songs, and times of worship, Beautiful Mess wondered what it would be like to carry that out into our everyday lives- changing lives to be fulfilled, and purposeful.  Feeling the weight of a culture that influences us to more negative things, Beautiful Mess Ministries was formed to combat this culture of things that take us away from who we were meant to be.

We believe at Beautiful Mess Ministries that through inspiration, growth in our relationship with God and bringing to light the good around us, we can change lives and change culture to focus on the things that make us whole.  Join our movement by attending, serving or donating and help us make a change.

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