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Summer Conference 1

Sponsored by the Bible Fellowship Church

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Jul 07 2024 - Jul 12 2024 - Check-In @ 5:00-7:00 PM Sunday

Summer Conference 1

Come for an awesome family retreat at Pinebrook! This week offers biblical teaching, rich worship, energizing music and refreshing recreation – Summer Conference offers it all. Each day includes a morning session of worship and teaching, with sessions specifically for children and teens. Free time each afternoon offers multiple planned and spontaneous recreation options. Each evening, enjoy family games or other varied programs.

Registration deadline 7 days prior to event




  • 5 nights/15 meals (Sun. 5 PM - Fri. Lunch)
  • $1,010/Family of 2 (ages 6 & up)
  • $1,160/Family of 3 (ages 6 & up)
  • $1,310/Family of 4 (ages 6 & up)
  • $1,430/Family of 5 (ages 6 & up)
  • $1,550/Family of 6 (ages 6 & up)
  • Call for additional pricing

Morning Speaker – Dennis Cahill

Dennis is a retired BFC pastor who ministered at Christ Community Church in Piscataway, NJ. He has been writing and speaking about “Life As It Ought to Be,” a life lived in the power of the Spirit in line with the Father’s agenda, and in union with Jesus.

Worship – Nate Orlowski

Nate has been part of the Worship Music Ministry at Faith BFC in Harleysville, PA for over 25 years. He had joined the staff at Faith as Worship Director in 2019. Nate is also the owner of Clemmer Music Studio.

Also Featuring:

  • Evening  Speaker – Dennis Cahill
  • Youth Speaker – David Zettlemoyer, Bethany BFC, Hatfield
  • Host Pastor – Mike Walker, Pastor of Discipleship, Harleysville BFC


Summer Conference 1