Zipliner celebrates 88th birthday

The moment Clair Derstine of Telford, PA, saw Spruce Lake’s new  zip line at Spring Fest Open House May 31st, he wanted to take a ride.

Just the day before, Clair had turned 88, and what could be a better way to celebrate his birthday! His wife, Rosalie, wasn’t so sure at first, but a friend agreed to be Clair’s riding partner. So away they went to the top of the hill to the platform. The hardest thing, he said, was stepping off the platform. The rest was pure happiness!

“He enjoyed it tremendously!” said Rosalie, “and said he would do it again.”

Not one to merely look on and be content, Rosalie can’t wait now to return to Spruce Lake for another ride. “We’ll do it together next time!” she said.

Spruce Lake’s tandem zip line allows two people to ride simultaneously, side by side, soaring approximately 50 feet off the ground at the highest point. The ride will be open through Labor Day Weekend at specified hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The ride is open to both individuals and groups who register for it at the front desk. For cost and other details, see our website or call 800-822-7505.