Work on new gym has begun

Watch live webcam of the changes happening every day as our new gym is being built! 



It’s 54 years since Spruce Lake’s first two weeks of Summer Camp in 1963. Year after year, week after week, God keeps calling children to Himself through the life-giving influence of Wilderness Camp! Camp is our best means for reaching children and youth with the good news of Jesus Christ. We have become convinced that now is the time, that God has called us to enter Phase 1 of our building plan for a new Youth Ministry Center/gym. We’re excited by the possibilities it presents for pointing more and more young people toward Christ!

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new gym took place Sunday, September 10, 2018, at the new gym site at Wilderness Camp.

Work and fundraising are well in progress, with a goal of $2,600,000. 

  • Phase 1, starting September, 2017 – Build a Youth Ministry Center (gym): The Pavilion at Wilderness Camp has long served triple duty as camp cafeteria, gathering spot and auditorium. When this space also becomes the gym during inclement weather, we simply run out of room. Our time-honored pavilion can no longer be the solution to all of our youth camp needs. Our new gym will provide much needed space for indoor recreation and group gatherings.
  • Phase 2 – Build 16 winterized, year-round cabins: Upon completion of the gym, we’ll enter this phase to fully enable the Wilderness Camp area to become a year-round center for youth ministry, every season of the year!

God is moving on behalf of his children! Please prayerfully consider a level of support.
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  • 250 people to give $1,000
  • 20 people to give $2,500
  • 10 people to give $5,000
  • 10 people to give $10,000
  • 2 people to give $50,000
  • 2 people to give $100,000
  • 1 person to give $500,000