Spruce Lake buys beloved mountain

As of settlement February 15, 2017, Spruce Lake became the new permanent caretaker of Spruce Mountain, secured for future generations to continue hiking, playing and worshiping along its trails, waterfalls and vistas!

For the past 54 years, Spruce Lake had leased the 499-acre mountain from Spruce Mountain Associates, a family group who cared for the mountain and represented the interests of the original Price siblings who had bought the land four generations earlier. Its flowing waterfalls and scenic vista were loved by thousands of Spruce Lake guests, and most weren’t aware of the rental partnership.

Spruce Mountain holds the headwaters of the Upper Brodhead Watershed, and Spruce Run is one of several “Exceptional Value” streams in the watershed that flow through Spruce Lake’s property. But — Spruce Lake didn’t own this mountain.

Then came the opportunity for purchase. A hefty price tag loomed. But God inspired a “miracle donation” of $1 million toward the purchase price of $1,445,000. The entire Spruce Lake community also pitched in an additional $117,838 by settlement date, and contributions continue to arrive daily.

The purchase of the property from Spruce Mountain Associates is a milestone in the history of Spruce Lake, and presents the opportunity to continue the legacy of stewardship begun by the Price family. 

“This incredible blessing would not have come to reality without the participation of each and every one,” said Spruce Lake’s executive director Mark Swartley. “We’re praising God for his provision and blessing!”

Spruce Mountain is also a prime component in Spruce Lake’s ministry of pointing people toward Christ. In the peaceful setting which the mountain provides, marriages are healed, lives changed and kids encounter the love of Christ through five core ministries — retreat programs for families and individuals, group retreats, outdoor education for schools and homeschoolers, plus youth and day camps.



Executive Director Mark Swartley (R) with Tom Young, General Partner of Spruce Mountain Associates (seller).



Wendell Weaver, Spruce Lake’s board chair, signs settlement documents while board secretary Ken Longacre, Jr., looks on. Settlement took place at Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich & Weik, LLP of Souderton, PA.