Michael Card leads Pastors Retreat

Speaker, author and musician Michael Card led nearly 200 pastors and spouses on an adventure of biblical imagination February 15-17, 2016, at Spruce Lake’s Pastor & Spouse Retreat.

During Card’s four inspirational sessions of worship and teaching, the sometimes too-familiar Jesus of the four Gospels took on newer, deeper meaning. Mr. Card’s vast knowledge of biblical languages, history and culture highlighted the unique message presented by each Gospel writer: (1) John, the Gospel of Wisdom; (2) Luke, the Gospel of Amazement; (3) Matthew, the Gospel of Identity; and (4) Mark, the Gospel of Passion. (Learn more about Card’s Biblical Imagination series at www.michaelcard.com)

“God is pleased with the work you are doing,” Card spoke pastorally to the group on their last day together. “Be encouraged, the world needs you, do not lose heart.”

Spruce Lake’s annual Pastor & Spouse Retreat is complimentary, underwritten by seven ministry organizations to whom both congregations and individuals can go for further resources and support. The event is a spacious time of learning, worship and fellowship with God and each other.