Mark Rohrbach gets hole-in-one!

Golfer Mark Rohrbach of Telford, PA, powered a Hole-in-One into history at Spruce Lake’s Wilderness Camp Golf Tournament June 13, 2016!

The gleaming prize vehicle, a brand new 2017 Jeep Cherokee, came from Bergey’s, Spruce Lake’s corporate sponsor of many years and an exemplar of “automotive excellence since 1924.”

It’s hard to clearly see what is happening on the green when straining to look the entire 165 yards from the tee at Hole 16, and at first Mark’s ball seemed to have rolled off the edge.

But no, wait! Josh Reichart, Wilderness Camp Director, was pointing vigorously to the cup — it’s in! It’s in!

Mark’s hole-in-one is only the second in this tournament’s 41-year history. It had taken 33 years since this tournament was founded to achieve the first hole-in-one in 2008.

Mark and his wife, Marilyn, are loyal supporters of Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp. While they didn’t attend Camp themselves, all three of their children felt very blessed by their summer camp experience at Spruce Lake.

The annual tournament raises funds for camperships and daily operational needs of Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp.