Grow family memories at Spruce Lake

A Family Week or weekend at Spruce Lake can be the perfect opportunity to come together year after year, establishing wonderful extended family traditions. Just this past Memorial Day Weekend, 2015, for example, the Hange Family gathered members from six states for their 34th year at Spruce Lake! And across the campground, the Charles Family gathered for their 36th year together.

Family Weeks or weekends at Spruce Lake offer the opportunity to participate in every adventure – or to just relax to your heart’s content! Each retreat serves up good humor, soul-stretching worship, and teaching that get to the heart of God’s priorities. With so much time to play, worship, and learn together, these family vacations quickly add more to your family’s storehouse of treasured memories than one can ever imagine! Three Family Weeks are planned for 2016: July 12-17, August 7-13 and August 16-21, plus Family Weekend July 3-5.

Each day  includes a morning session of worship and teaching, with sessions specifically for teens and also younger children. Free time each afternoon offers multiple planned and spontaneous recreational activities for all ages. Concerts, family games or other varied programs round out the day each evening.

For more information, or to register for a Family Week or weekend, call Spruce Lake at 800-822-7505 or visit