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BFC Ministerial Convention

Building Healthy Churches

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Oct 03 2022 - Oct 04 2022 - Registration 8:30-9:30 AM


  • 1 night & 4 meals (Mon. lunch - Tues. lunch)
  • $95/person, triple occupancy
  • $110/person, double occupancy
  • $160/person, single occupancy
  • $75/commuter

Discipleship for Building Healthy Churches

Jesus calls each person and every gathering of His followers to make disciples. It sounds easy but is it really? Do we know what discipleship is and what it can look like in our churches?  Join us for this time of teaching, fellowship and worship as we strive to make disciples of all nations!

Various pastors from the Bible Fellowship Church will lead our sessions on the theme of Christian discipleship:

  • Defining Discipleship – Beau Coffman
  • The Doctrine of Discipleship – Jeff Kauffman
  • Developing Discipleship – Beau Coffman
  • Doing Discipleship – Jeff Kauffman


Register Now for this event