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December 3, 2020

Dear Spruce Lake & Pinebrook Family,

Every year we’ve seen God’s miraculous hand at work.
Many children, adults & families have come to Christ or recommitted their lives to God’s purposes!

However, 2020 has unexpectedly become a race to outrun the next crisis, with daunting challenges in keeping our doors open and financial commitments met.

* COVID-19 Safety Policies – updated 5-26-21
* Read entire letter here

But God has been working in ways not as easy for us to recognize at first;
my 2020 “Aha!” moment is this:

We are experiencing God’s Miracles!

• Our staff needs are being met by many and various means … Miracle!
• Payroll Protection Loan dollars are helping carry the loss … Miracle!
• A Brotherhood Mutual Insurance claim has covered 60 days’ lost of income … Miracle!
• Donors have given over $700,000 since our August request letter … Miracle!
• We had a summer of ministry without a single reported coronavirus case … Miracle!
• New PPP loan calculations could give us complete loan forgiveness … Miracle!

God’s provision has deepened our faith:

Receiving these unexpected miracles has been humbling.

God provided them only because we are in crisis.

We have learned, grown & deepened our resolve as we have seen God’s protection
through the mess of 2020!

4 PRAYER requests:

1. Staff – that the hope we have in God will continue to carry us.

2. Health – that God will protect both campuses from the coronavirus so we can serve everyone.

3. New Opportunities – We face forward each day for our next opportunity to serve.
Pray especially for the Day Camp program planned to launch next spring at Pinebrook.

4. Budget for 2021 – so many of you have already given above and beyond –
we are financially current today because of your amazing support,
and w
e would not have survived 2020 without each of you. Thank you! 


But COVID-19 is just not letting up, and as we budget for the next 6 months,
it looks as though we are still going to fall short.

If you are able, and the Lord leads, please consider helping us
prepare for the Ministry of 2021

Thank you for the sacred trust you have placed in us with your love and gifts.

God has all this in His control. He will keep us strong as we run this race with perseverance.


Mark S. Swartley

Executive Director
Spruce Lake & Pinebrook